1. An Interview with Tanner Wertz Jammerzine Exclusive 51:18

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with guitarist and songwriter Tanner Wertz. Fresh from the release of his new album titled ‘Reflecting On The Future’. Having gone from guitarist for The Ice Cream Militia and The Currents to full fledged solo to Reverend Guitar Artist, Tanner is well on his way to establishing himself among the revered of the indie scene.

About Tanner Wertz

Born, raised, and based in Toledo, Ohio, Tanner Wertz is a guitarist/songwriter with over a decade of experience. He is currently the guitarist of Toledo groups The Ice Cream Militia and The Currents while also teaching guitar, being on call for fill-in gigs, session recording, and whatever opportunities present themselves. Wertz has had the pleasure of opening for Pop Evil, Taproot, Smile Empty Soul, Mac Sabbath, Okilly Dokilly, Helmet, and The Toasters.

The “Reflecting On The Future” EP is Wertz’s first solo release; what started as a compilation of phone voice memos that became the songs you hear today. As much as it’s a solo release, it was a collaborative effort made up of other Toledo-area musicians Wertz has befriended over the years. Meghan Leonard, Zack Jacobs, and Tony Salazar providing their vocal talents.

Matt Haueter laying down the drums. Luis Gomez with his bass playing and lyrical abilities. Greg Pontasch shredding like no other. The Favor Fellas showing up with synchronized clapping and good vibes. And Emilio Alvarado, who put it all together as the engineer while also showcasing his guitar playing. The EP takes elements of folk, rock, metal, and funk for considerably a unique package. Looking ahead, Wertz plans on more collaborations for future releases while performing with his respective groups.

Featured image by Dave Ludwig.