Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Julia Aiello and Brendon Gardner from the band Water Street. Having just released their new single titled ‘Carolina‘, Water Street are working on their upcoming album scheduled for release in March, 2024.

In this interview, we get to talk with Julia and Brendon about the upcoming album, the new single ‘Carolina’, and their unique blend of sound and influence that makes them one of the newer and better indie bands to watch and follow.

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About Water Street

Dave Paulson, longtime frontman and guitarist for North Jersey based Water Street began performing in local coffeehouses, at farmer’s markets, open mics and cramped restaurant corners. A one-time jam with drummer Connor Konecnik ultimately led to the launch of the band with a gathering of neighborhood musician friends. Though Dave’s songwriting is rooted in the acoustic pop style of artists like John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Ed Sheeran, having a mandolin player in the original lineup led Water Street to develop a rock/Americana fusion vibe that included elements of funk and bluegrass.

Fast forwarding to the 2020s, the band evolves to a whole new level with the recent addition of Julia Aiello on vocals and three powerhouse musicians – bassist Brendon Gardner, electric guitarist Eddie Woodcock and pianist/keyboardist Alex Kerssen. While Dave’s lyrics on Water Street’s 2022 album All We Tried to Be are inspired by classic folk songwriting, the overall vibe is decidedly less Americana and more pop/rock. The current lineup has already performed at numerous venues in NYC and Boston, at Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA and Sourland Music Festival in Ringoes, NJ – and is booked solid through winter 2024.

“Once our incredible new lineup was in place, everyone clicked with each other quickly,” Dave says. “The writing process that had been solely on my shoulders is now more collaborative in nature because Brendon, Alex and Eddie are all great songwriters who bring unique perspectives and contribute parts and ideas that influence the way the songs take shape sonically.” “Sometimes, we’re more about each person bringing random things to the table versus what we originally thought the song would be. That could be anything from a crazy bass fill to a simple note change. We are intensely focused on making each song as good as it can be.” Brendon adds, “The respect we all have for each other gives us leeway to flow better and explore avenues with different nooks and crannies, all in the interest of best serving the music and making the tunes better.”