It is no secret to many people with their finger on the indie rock pulse, that this is the year of the shoegaze revival. Just how serious a phenomena this has become is demonstrated by how widespread the sounds of drone and whispy vocals are across the globe.

Today’s Test Drive took us to Australia, where there is quite a burgeoning “scene that celebrates itself” happening too. We have discovered the sexy yet mysterious Brisbane nugaze duo Forevr and are pleased to be the first to present you a full preview of their debut EP ‘Demonstration’ with you today.

Forevr is the brainchild of Sam George-Allen and Donovan Miller from Brisbaine, Australia and this album is called Demonstration. Demonstration is a vast sonic landscape of shoegaze and post-modernism which encompasses the mind, body, and soul and validates the above said revival with a sonic enthusiasm that your ears cannot escape.

I recommend listening to this EP with the earphones on in the dark to participate in the escape.

So get ready for a true “Demonstration” in audio daydreaming with vocals to entrance you and a wall of sound to block any thoughts other than “be here now and take pleasure in getting lost with us”…. so let’s do it.

About Forevr:
Brisbane shoegaze duo FOREVR has released their debut EP after recording it in April of this year. FOREVR is made up of Donovan Miller (No Anchor, Roku Music) and Sam George-Allen (Mega Ogre, Low Season).

‘Demonstration’ is their first recorded material. The four-track EP was recorded live at Tym Guitars in Brisbane, using programmed drums, dense synthesiser and cavernous, shimmering guitar. They wanted to make loud, beautiful music. ‘Demonstration’ is what happened.

Channelling the lush textures of My Bloody Valentine and the romance of the Cocteau Twins, FOREVR have adopted an electronic foundation – drum machines, audio sampling and synth bass – that places them at the forefront of modern shoegaze. ‘Demonstration’ has received praise from music press in Australia and abroad, including Triple J and international radio stations Primal Radio and DKFM. Triple J’s Nat Tencic calls their music “perfect shoegaze” and Primal Radio describes their sound as “sinister decadence”.

‘Demonstration’ is evocative, textural, beautiful and best played loud. The EP is available as a name-your-price download and on black CD, and has just been released as a limited edition gold cassette tape. A full length album is currently in production.

“Beautiful and wonderful and noisy thing” – Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Radio

“Sinister decadence. A great example of the modern shoegaze sound” – Primal Music

“The pair have crafted some amazing songs to get us drooling for a full length” – Sounds Better With Reverb

“Expeditions in fuzz-soaked abandon. An air of ethereal distance, a Syren held aloft, out of touch, much desired” – Brendan Telford, Sonic Masala