1. Rollin Jayd Ink 2:28

Riding the tidal waves of success from her recent, return single and video ‘Queen St’, which was a collaboration of royal heights featuring SZA’s ‘Good Days’ producer Los Hendrix. Jayd Ink, the Toronto based, R&B songstress we should all be well acquainted with by now has surprised listeners yet again by revealing her brand new, three track mini EP ‘Catching Red Lights’.

With support for ‘Queen St’ pouring in from the likes of Wonderland, Mixtape Madness, Earmilk, Viper, Colorsxstudios, Exclaim!, notion and DUMMY to name but a few, this next offering is tipped for the top and ready to be devoured by fans and press alike.

‘Catching Red Lights’ is undoubtedly Jayd’s most vulnerable compilation to date. Consisting of the meditative and introspective lead single ‘Queen St’, she partners this with the new, sultry, affirmation filled ‘Rollin’ and the contemplative, 90’s vibing ‘Stuck on Earth’.

Short, sweet but utterly enticing, Jayd has us caught up and captivated in the veils of her velvet-like vocal and laid back beats. Entranced and increasingly intrigued we find ourselves firmly wrapped around her little finger as we eagerly await her next move.

Venturing deep into the depths with ‘Catching Red Lights’, Jayd unearths and uncovers with heavy reflection, untangling her thoughts and dissecting her feelings, she pours her soul into every moment and melody. This first tantalising taste of her new artistic era perfectly positions Jayd as she re-emerges onto the scene, bursting through the soil after careful incubation, claiming her rightful space as she truly blossoms.

A somewhat unusual offering being just shy of the traditional 4-5 track EP’s often seen throughout the industry, Jayd demonstrates her unpredictable nature and well earned confidence in her craft, proving yet again what an exciting player she is in the regal realms of R&B. ‘Catching Red Lights’ will undoubtedly leave fans feeling seen, heard and incredibly connected to Jayd as she authentically shares all whilst leaving them wanting that little bit more.

Despite her constantly keeping us on our toes, some things are certain when it comes to Jayd Ink and that is her unwavering ability to deliver music enveloped in class, oozing with flair and dripping in complete and utter finesse, which ‘Catching Red Lights’ is overflowing with.

Etching an energy that is reminiscent of the unmistakable sounds from the classic 90’s R&B era, Jayd interweaves her own unique threads into the rich tapestry of her music.

With an undeniable calibre perfectly encapsulated through her soulful vocals and liquescent tone, every note cascades with precision; tumbling onto a bed studded with soft, relaxed, chill-hop style beats. Jayd emanates an air of serenity and sensuality, in everything she creates and ‘Catching Red Lights’ continues to emit a beauty and grace rarely found but highly coveted.

Catching Red Lights is about slowing down and learning to appreciate the moment. During the lockdown I took the time to sit with myself, dive deeper into my thoughts, my fears and my overall wellbeing. It was a lot of reflection. These three songs are a combination of how I was feeling during that time.

Jayd Ink

Scratching the surface, ‘Catching Red Lights’ was penned during the pandemic and became an outlet for Jayd to contemplate her internal world with that of the outside one and features production support from Los Hendrix (SZA), MICAH, TXPSKI, and K NOTES.

Crystallizing that she has nothing to prove, Jayd Ink carries herself with the well deserved knowledge that she has carved out her own exclusive path in the industry, in which she continues to flourish and grow at a pace defined by her. Prepare for a Summer send-off of splendor with the reveal of the ‘Catching Red Lights’ EP.