Jenny Parrott has today released her/their new video for the track titled ‘I Hear That All The Time’ from her upcoming album ‘Love Spell’ dropping June 28th.

Ok, anything that starts off with an Omnichord demands my listen. To tackle the subject of one sided breakups and seeing the other person move on while you’re still stuck in emotional limbo demands my attention. As much as that subject gets covers I’ve always felt that there was always something missing. ‘I Hear It All The Time’ covers that silent part out loud. The soul crushing period of time where memories beat your ass while pity from others kisses it. And it’s done with that synth-endearing panache that only an Omnichord can deliver.

The real breakout of the track are the vocals. Filled with Jen’s obviously charming personality, the harmonies are outside of the box and totally fitting for both the music and the mood. The video feels the music with those personal moments that remain personal long after the mayhem has faded to memory. And, that’s the way it should be. On the spot and off the rails.

About Jenny Parrott & ‘I Hear It All The Time’

Austin’s experimental folk artist Jenny Parrott (she/they) unveiled their new single + video “I Hear It All the Time,” the latest taste from the upcoming album Love Spell, out June 28. Across the track, Parrott’s harmonizing vocals flow with melancholy, breezing over the complimenting synths as they lament the painful end of a toxic relationship. Lyrics navigate the dichotomy of watching someone move on from a breakup while the other person is stuck in the soul-crushing limbo of grief. Parrott says, “It’s that awful burn in your chest when people casually mention someone who has deeply wounded you, and you wonder if it was all your fault.”

Jenny Parrott will also be embarking on a US tour next month, kicking off with an album release show on June 22 in their hometown of Austin, TX. Tickets for all shows are available HERE.

A love spell might be inherently romantic, but for Jenny Parrott, it symbolizes something deeper. It’s platonic, and it’s about community. While there may be a romantic element to it, it’s a prayer for the kind of love she wants the world to have – that’s the ethos of their fourth solo album. Aptly titled Love Spell, Parrott reflects on a longing for love and connection throughout her life. Piecing together a collection of old and new works, the evocative project explores all forms of love: from platonic, to romantic, to spiritual, resulting in a yearning for a world with more unconditional, unabashed love. With their upcoming 14-track album, Parrott’s wish is that people can determine the kind of love they want to give and receive in the world — and the love legacy they want to leave behind.

Written over several years and recorded in bits and pieces during the fall of 2023, Love Spell is teeming with the soulful influences of Sharon Jones, Amy Winehouse and Sam Cooke; the avant-folk sensibilities of Björk and Nina Nastasia; and the melancholic vocal harmonies a la The Shangri-Las and Grouper, not to mention pulling heavy inspiration from gospel singer Washington Phillips.

The result is a project that tackles themes like coming out, queer history, and mental health, as well as stages of their life like surviving toxic relationships and overcoming trauma, and at the end of the day, finding hope and love within oneself and all around. Love Spell features an enthralling mix of bilingual vocals across a range of synth, guitar – which belonged to late folk blues musician and longtime friend Steve James – and their prominent use of the Omnichord, a charming musical gift from their husband. Parrott revels in the potential of the stunning instrument acting as an ancestor of the autoharp, highlighting its capabilities as a gospel-like instrument. “Some songs took a few tries and I realized I should follow the path of going wild with my Juno synth and omnichord where I might usually want horns, strings, piano,” Parrott says. “I wanted to play with my passion for folk and soul and also my love of electronic sound.”

Previously, Parrott’s prolific career in music included releasing three albums with the swing folk outfit Shotgun Party and two LPs with the indie-folk duo Loves It! Over the past seven years, Parrott has released three other albums including 2017’s When I Come Down, 2021’s The Fire I Saw and 2023’s Pregnancy Choir. Parrott also hosts singing and songwriting workshops in Austin as part of their work to liberate voices. She has also hosted monthly “femme james” as a safe place for women and non-binary folks to jam and explore music, and has contributed time to the local non-profit, Communitas.