Jenny Räisänen is a singer-songwriter from Limerick (Ireland). Her unique sound was born in the middle of Finland listening to the Finnish forests and it has been strengthened on the paths of the world. Those paths finally brought her to Ireland. There she felt she had found her musical home with her folk-pop style.

Jenny has studied music in Finland focusing on singing and playing the piano. In her studies, the styles have varied from jazz to soul and all the way to folk and rock. So, she draws elements for her music from her extensive music bank.

Jenny completed a three-month internship in Tanzania (2009) and studied for six months on exchange in Rome (2019). She has completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Pedagogy (2019). In the Fall of 2022, Jenny graduated from the University of Limerick, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, Ireland. She completed Master’s Degree in Songwriting directed by Carl Corcoran and Steve Ryan.

Jenny considers it most important that music touches and therefore she strives for a strong presence and authenticity in her music. The stories in her music are deep and gain more layers with each listen.

‘A Bird’ is about the power struggle between dreams and fears. ‘Fight for your dreams’ whispers the little dream sitting on the shoulder. ‘Run away’ screams the fear on the other shoulder. The bird continues to fly, as always, but at the same time, a call echoes on the horizon.

The idea for the song came from a picture where big waves were beating a lighthouse. Jenny got the idea of a soundscape and a piano riff that would illustrate the waves of the sea.

With everything choreographed in her mind, Jenny then recorded the song and asked her friend Anna Janka-Murros to improvise the soundscape on the violin, she felt that her violin was a bird circling near the shore, above the waves, trying to find a place to land.

SOURCE: Official Bio