Jeremy Harry Harris is an Australian artist renowned for his fearless and impactful music. With “Walking With My Darkness,” his latest full-length album, Harris explores the depths of the human experience, challenging conventional boundaries through introspective compositions and innovative storytelling. Through his evocative artistry, Harris captivates audiences and establishes himself as a visionary in the industry.

Harris proudly releases his full-length album, “Walking With My Darkness,” accompanied by a captivating animated lyric video. As a visionary artist, Harris fearlessly delves into the complexities of life, love, loss, and the profound impact of our darkest emotions.

Conceptually, “Walking With My Darkness” delves into the side of humanity that often goes unacknowledged—the darkness that resides within us all. Rather than denying its existence, this album embraces the understanding that we all carry this darkness within, demonstrating the struggles that can arise when pushed to our breaking points through traumatic experiences. It sheds light on the realization that, whether intentional or not, we often succumb to the darker side of our psyche, which can lead to the fading of the lights we hold dear, leaving us consumed by darkness and its profound consequences.

Comprised of 11 tracks, “Walking With My Darkness” is a cohesive concept album that explores the fundamental aspects of the human experience. Each song addresses a specific topic intricately linked to the preceding track, allowing the album to flow seamlessly from one emotional journey to the next. Throughout the entire album, the unyielding presence of darkness acts as a metaphorical consequence of the range of emotions we endure when confronting the “darker side of life.”

The accompanying animated lyric video for the title track, “Walking With My Darkness,” breaks from tradition and presents a retro-inspired aesthetic. Through the medium of animation, Harris brings together his conceptual ideas effortlessly, providing a clear visual representation of the song’s profound lyrics. The video enables viewers to deeply grasp the meaning behind the song and the tragic consequences that can arise from neglecting to nurture the guiding light within ourselves. Harris, an award-winning Director continues to push artistic boundaries with this latest project.

SOURCE: Official Bio