Jo Beth Young has today released her new album titled ‘Broken Spells’ via Wise Queen and Speegra as well as her new video for the track titled ‘Standstill’. Jammerzine has long been a fan of Jo Beth and her music, having followed her from almost the beginning. So, to see her rise from RISE to the signature artist that she is is truly something to behold. Her music is something that can only be described as honestly global. Think heir apparent to Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush.

With ‘Broken Spells’, you can’t help but notice the intricate details within each track, both musically and lyrically. This was an album born from love. More birthed than recorded. Masterfully mixed and sent with a kiss.

You can definitely find a favorite track, and a new favorite track after that. Meant for the masses with enough rebelliousness to keep it outside of the box.

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About Jo Beth Young

Welcome to a world of electro-folk, dreamy, progressive and sometimes gut punching tracks from Neo-folk singer/songwriter and musician Jo Beth Young. Broken Spells does not shy away from diving straight into difficult and deeper themes such as overcoming narcissistic abuse (Wolf Song) the lies that lead a soldier into war (Lazuli) spiritual warfare (Adversity) a collective book-of-revelations-style warning (Burning) themes of guilt and wrongdoing for an upcoming film soundtrack (Standstill) and ultimate truths being revealed in (Ockham’s Razor) to name a few.

Over the four years she spent making it, Jo Beth went from “confirmed life-long” pagan and non dualist to a born again Christian, a radical journey she says can be heard in the songs as they unfold.

Jo Beth says: “I think I was questioning absolutely everything in life when I started this album. What was happening in the media, the government, the World and to us as beings. I was also looking into what was happening inside of me. This meant asking myself deep questions such as whether for all my beliefs I was a good person? Had I been corrupted in any way? Did I need to purify my intentions in life? Looking at the World I started asking, does evil really exist? And if it does, does that mean the opposite must also exist and be true?”

“I started to see that there was something bigger than personal and physical conflict going on, that there was indeed a bigger spiritual war at play. I came to realise that spells are everywhere. When we believe anything we’re told or is spoken over our life, that is a spell in itself. I was exploring how I could break these? How we could find truth and clarity? I think that’s really the living impetus behind the songs; Seeking truth and breaking strongholds and illusions.

Unlike anything Jo Beth has attempted before, this record has her hand in it from conception to mixing and features stunning performances from regular contributors Peter Yates on Guitars (Fields Of The Nephillim) Ben Roberts on Cello (Silver Moth/Prosthetic Head) Jules Bangs on Bass (Herija) as well as a guest appearances from her Nightsong colleague John Reed (Steel Guitar) and band member Jay Newton (Abrasive Trees) on Piano.

Along with her diverse and accomplished vocals (which are very much forefront) Jo Beth plays a multitude of instruments on the record, from acoustic and electric guitars, pianos, keys and synths, bowed guitars, home made percussion and field recordings including a recording of her washing machine in ‘Kinder Sea’. This time she experiments with loops and beats with the help of another long term collaborator; Alpujarra based Producer and Musician Matt Blackie (Spain).

The whole project was recorded on her laptop in the attic of her home at the time in the West of Ireland. With album favorite Kev Bolus mixing the first few tracks and Matt Blackie creating a special album version of ‘Adversity’ Jo Beth was turned down for a grant to finish the record over 5 times, forcing her to mix the last of it herself; an endeavor she was surprised to take on.

Jo Beth says: “I thought ‘Strangers’ was a very DIY record but this one has absolutely no studio hours my end in it at all and is very home made. Perhaps the most ambitious bit of ‘bedroom’ recording yet. They say necessity is the mother of invention and I’ve become fond of the imperfections of the record caused by the situation. For instance on ‘Kinder Sea’ you can hear the old electric meter running through my guitar amp at the intro, a situation I couldn’t remedy so left in!”

Featured image by Doug Young