Following on from his acclaimed ‘Animatronics’ and ‘Cybernetics’ EP releases earlier this year, Jon Rundell returns to present a very generous series of weekly free downloads on his official SoundCloud and YouTube pages courtesy of his very own Etch Recordings. The tracks will be a mixture of House, Tech House and Techno.

Etch has been set-up by Jon to exclusively showcase his own sounds and has enjoyed numerous well-received EP releases such as Multichange, Technocrat, Fifth Generation and Hammer.

Etch Free Downloads kicks off with four original Tech House stormers titled ‘Feel The Beat’, ‘Get Your Freak’, ‘Vibe’ and ‘Jive’. Each track reflects Jon’s unrivalled experience and ability to produce body-moving records.

‘Feel The Beat’ gets straight to business, throwing out deep, rolling low frequency grooves, high-energy beats and hypnotic percussive hits. The filtered vocal line “Feel The Beat” repeats in the background, giving the track a gritty no nonsense vibe. ‘Feel The Beat’ is definitely one that should find it’s way into your playlist for late night sets.

Next on the list is ‘Get Your Freak’, an effortless tribal flow from start to finish. Percussive hits echo scenes from a South American carnival whilst the vocal line “Your love…Get your freak on” draws you right in.

‘Vibe’ a driving Techno rocker, combines spacious stabs and whopping kick drums with a heavy rolling bassline. Cutting through at the edges are rapid cymbals that work alongside the hard-hitting percussion to deliver an intense workout throughout the track.

Last up is ‘Jive’, a dark Techno groover that pushes out low-end progressions and assertive beats alongside a succession of rotating rhythms that flow all through the track. ‘Jive’ bobs and weaves whilst it hypnotises you to move your feet and boasts an intelligent use of effects.

Etch Free Downloads is now available to download free via Jon Rundell’s official SoundCloud and YouTube pages with a new edition coming each Wednesday.

  • Intec co-leader Jon Rundell to release a series of free downloads every Wednesday throughout November and December via his official Soundcloud and YouTube pages HERE & HERE!
  • Every week two new tracks will be available to download for free.
  • Promotion kicks off with a double helping (four tracks) of Tech-House stomers entitled ‘Feel The Beat’, ‘Get Your Freak’, ‘Vibe’ and ‘Jive’.
  • Jon’s previous releases include appearances on Intec, Etch, Black Octopus and Shis Music amongst many others.

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