1. Pick Me Up Julien Harold 3:13

Julien Harold was born in 1986 in Toulon, France. At 4 he left France for Middle East following his family and father who got a job in Saudi Arabia.

At 12 the family moved to Egypt where Julien discovered the music… it was a guitar offered for christmas… he felt his live will definitively be linked to his strings.

He completed a two years education in London Center for Contemporary Music (LCCM) then one year in CEGEP Granby (Canada) for songs writing to finish with a sound engineer training in France ( BTS audiovisual specialty sound at the Lisa of Angoulême).

Then Julien established his own business to propose technical services especially arranging music, playing guitar parts, composing music for others. In the same time he continued to compose his own music and recorded three CD’s.

To express his deep internal feeling is wrote a novel (C-282-Y) published in 2018, and appeared at the TV channel M6 and radios.

Today Julien prepares a concert based on traditionnal music, bluegrass and personal compositions.

SOURCE: Official Bio