1. Is This What It Feels Like? Justin Payne (and Company) 2:41

Justin Payne & Co. is a Nashville based band that offers a unique blend of rock, folk, grunge and soul in an energetic and emotional musical experience from singer and songwriter Justin Payne. Emerging from the Great Black Swamp of Northwest Ohio, Justin Payne has been on a lifelong musical journey that has brought his music before countless audiences.

Since his first solo release in 2014 Interstellar Vagabond, Payne has been tirelessly focused on touring both nationally and regionally, recording, and ensuring that his music reaches as many listeners as possible. Life on tour and the wealth of experiences it brings can be heard in the first release as Justin Payne & Co., 2016’s High Water. Songs like “Hope on the Road”, “Legal Tender”, and the title track “High Water” resonate in a tribute to relentlessness and a lyrical exploration of hope.

In 2019 Justin Payne & Co. headlined the Black Swamp Arts Festival, kicking off a new stage in their music with an ensemble rock sound that would be showcased in the 2021 full-length vinyl release Season of Loss. Payne’s emotional vocal performance on songs like “Empty Page”, and “Not a Game” captivate while the grunge edge of “Dead City” and title track “Season of Loss” energize the listener, elevated by Payne’s distinct guitar style.

Now located in Nashville, Justin Payne & Co. continue to entertain audiences with their powerful and moving live performances, bringing equal parts angst, fearlessness and vulnerability that never fail to capture a room. With another full-length LP on the way, Justin Payne & Co. show no signs of slowing down.

Their next release underrated and overstimulated is currently gaining traction from pre-release singles “you’re so subversive”, “anything at all”, “together as one”, and most recently “is this what it feels like?”.

SOURCE: Official Bio