Kaishi’s New E.P. “Dead & Gone” bubbles up with turbo and supercharged basslines, thundering and rolling drum beats and hype inducing samples in all the right places; this is Global Bass, International Bass Line, Grimy AF House and some of the World’s Most Electrifying New Dance Music. No stranger to the game, the one known as Kaishi works the edges of UK House expanding upon it and developing a sound all her own that references Garage, Bass and the hedonism of all proper Rave Music. These are songs mean to move dancefloors and electrify nights around the world.

The Dead & Gone E.P. features the tracks “Dead & Gone”, “Lighta!”,”Babygurl” and “Final”. They are all triumphant and expansive in their own unique ways. Kaishi explores the familiar sonic pallette of the hardcore continuum in unexpected and chaotic new ways. Rolling amen breaks, broken beats, stuttered dub and ominous hoovering bass announce these tracks and unify the sounds of this E.P. House and Bass, Frantic, Immediate, Gripping and Emotionally Deep, Kaishi builds rough edged urban workouts, with menacing tension, a touch of dread and an emphasis on destroying the floor. Signed, sealed and delivered this is a statement from a young producer who has clearly been keeping an eye on the prize. Stand and behold the glory with Kaishi’s absolutely mental “Dead & Gone” E.P.!

In 2015 and 2016, this producer stayed on grind releasing music on Noiseybeat Netlabel (IT), Jump-A-Delic Recordz (DE), Elastica Records (IT), Doner Music (IT), Project Allout Records (UK) and Top Billin (FI). The “Dead & Gone” E.P. is being self released for the love of the game. Take notice!

Kaishi’s exploration of UK House began when she launched her show “Venus Garage” on www.BassIsland.FM. The concept of the show is to introduce the listeners to the most “lovely” selection of Uk Garage, House and Bass Music tracks, provided with interesting rubriques about the new bass music monthly releases, artist biographies and interviews. Before moving into these sounds Kaishi as part of Pinknoise Kollective creating Drum & Bass and Dubstep.

This artist’s jungle pedigree well established it, it is no wonder she is able to create a type of dance music which references so many styles and genres with ease. She understands bassline pressure, knows how to sculpt a massive stepping beat and can unleash pure and unadulterated euphoria with her fidgety rough neck sound. She reps Italy but with beats this massive, she is a first lady of bass and global treasure. If you love deep rollers and massive bass, you quite simply have got to know Milan’s own, Kaishi!

Be sure to check out Kaishi on “Venus Garage” and for the love of the dance check out the “Dead & Gone” E.P!