New Rock/Metal music prodigy Khaylan is proud to present his debut single “Falling”, to be released on the 11th May 2016, alongside his music video which can already be found on Youtube.

“Only on a few occasions have I come across someone who is a true amalgamation of talent, hard work and great personality like Khaylan. Great rock voice, fantastic performer and an original songwriter.” – ‘Jade Vine’ frontman, Constantine Magdalinos.

“When I first met Khaylan, I thought that he was this quiet guy who plays the violin – until I saw him cause a riot singing a Rage Against The Machine song… Lots of energy and proper rocking out whilst singing like a man possessed – I will never trust my first impressions again!” – Svetlana Vassileva, bassist for Moby, The Vegastones & Plastic Cinema.

Frontman, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Khaylan is a gifted performer bringing a new sound to the Rock and Metal scene. With profound, personal lyrics, “Falling” embodies the complexity of his compositions with elaborate riffs and epic solos topped by intricate yet catchy melodies.

“I write songs because it keeps me going, it’s the ultimate tool for me to express myself. Sharing the music, performing… I know the potential it has to change people’s lives. It’s the only thing that matters.” – Khaylan.

“Falling” will be available on all digital retailers from the 11th May 2016, and upcoming shows as well as his EP release date will shortly be announced on his website.