Kid of the Star System, branded the ‘Interdimensional Wild Child’, is a London based extra-terrestrial who creates a unique blend of styles from a variety of genres.

Her aim is to bring a sense of fun and chaos to her music and to envelop listeners in a warm and comforting blanket of emotions. The artist previously released the expressive ‘Laws of the Universe’ EP in 2019 as well as her first album ‘Pi r2’ in 2021, featuring singles such as ‘Right With Me’, ‘Me VS’ and ‘Make Your Move’.

Hoping to inspire and empower listeners in this next chapter, we’re now met with the unveiling of her second album ‘Luminous’.

Featuring an explosion of genre-bending sounds and thought-provoking lyrics…

From the pulsating beats of lead single “Sleepwalking” to the introspective musings of “VS Self” & “Horizon Double Negative”, each track on the album showcases the artist’s impressive range and versatility.

With ‘Luminous’, she invites listeners to join her on a journey of self-discovery, challenging them to explore themselves and push past their limitations.

SOURCE: Official Bio