What do you get if you cross movie composer Bernard Herrmann (Psycho) and the sound of Sonic Youth? Well, more than likely you’d get something close to the music of Kim Halliday and his new album ‘Halflight’.

A hypnotic cocktail of genre and style, Kim Halliday is a songwriter/composer with a broad range of influences including Massive Attack, Radiohead, Trent Reznor, Jimmy Page and more. Pulling together a range of ideas to create quirkily brilliant ambient music with a dark twist, he uses the latest technology, including manipulating real instruments with studio effects and processors, to create his tracks.

His marriage of traditional rock and indie chord patterns with electronic upper layers is difficult to comprehend without hearing for yourself, so check out the video to new single ‘7 Deaths’ for a taster:

Produced by and featuring Martin Lister of Alphaville, ‘Halflight’ was recorded between Halliday’s studio in London and Lister’s studio in Berlin. Tragically, soon after mastering was finished on the project Martin passed away following a heart attack. The pair, longtime friends, had never worked on a full project until this album, making its release all the more poignant for Halliday.

A composer who has worked on film and TV, Kim Halliday feeds that experience into the soundscapes he creates. Since studying at the London Film School he has scored several award winning short films as well as ‘Credo’, a movie which starred Boyzone vocalist Stephen Gately before he died. More recently he won another award for documentary ‘Microbirth’, scored earlier this year.

His solo work – taking those cinematic ideas and transposing them into a stand-alone project – hopes to draw on some of that move making success.