King Size has today released their new video for the track titled ‘Outside’ from their latest eponymous album. A combination of a tour photo album and loosely based lyric video, the song is a perfect introduction to a band that can really get you involved with their music.

Slightly anthemic, with that touch of slacker rock and California style hooks that invoke post-power-punk-pop and guitar rock that leads you to strum the air.

Summer is here.

About ‘Outside’

Outside is the last video extracted from King Size to mark one year since the album release. Awashing with a palpable feeling of nostalgia and bittersweet reflection, it tells a story of inescapable fate. A fate which is already written on the walls of our souls. It is the awareness that slowly grows in a distance, dug out of its silence.

The sudden awareness overwhelms everything, it is unstoppable, a wave that sweeps everything away until you sacrifice yourself in the name of a finished love.

In making the video, the band capitalised on a live photoshoot taken by Giovanna Gatto during a promotional live gig they held in December in their hometown at New Age Club – the same club where they started their career as a band back in 2002.

Produced and directed by Mauro Lovisetto, the idea was to capture the energy of their live shows but also underline the deep meaning of their song Outside, in contrast with their trademark funanbolic performances.

Outside is one side of King Size sound, which lives in between two worlds: a traditional studio-rock ballad and a contemporary, dreamy indie pop.

About King Size

King Size is a Rock’n’Roll pop-punk four member band from Venice area, Italy. Their sound has been described in many ways but the band’s favourite one is still ‘Chuck Berry wearing a mohawk having a jam session with The Clash’. Formed in 2002, King Size have so far released three studio albums, with the new eponymous fourth record ‘King Size’, out next June for Hot Studio Records / Kazemijazi Management, happily marking their 20th anniversary.

A long-awaited new recording after their previous one ‘Guess It’ (2011) published under Go Down Records Label. King Size have been constantly touring all over North-Italy and Europe; wearing their trademark military-inspired jackets on stage the four explode in loud, fast-paced live sets earning a solid reputation as one of the wildest and most intense live bands on the scene. King Size shared the stage with bands such as The Hives, I Ministri, and other Italian and international indie acts.