Kitchen has today released his new single titled ‘River Song’ from his upcoming EP ‘Four Songs 2022’, dropping November 4th.

Lofi to a fault and definitive by signature, Kitchen (James M. Keegan) gives us a track recorded at home with that homespun feeling that works when done right. Feeling is in the notes and solitude is in the vocals. This is how you make music on a personal level. Quite yet powerful. Add that brilliant guitar in the bridge and you have ‘it’.

About Kitchen

“River Song” is a homespun number, calling back to the peak of the Bandcamp bedroom indie wave. With its lo-fi vocals and metronomic, regimented guitar strums, its beauty is subtle and its stride unencumbered by excess. Keegan says the song is about “time moving forward” and “how we’re powerless to stop it.” It’s fitting then, that the song feels like the sensation of putting one’s hand into moving water—you focus on one moment, only to become aware of it rushing past you.