Koenjihyakkei has today premiered the upcoming and long-awaited album titled ‘Nivraym (Revisited)‘, via SKiN GRAFT Records, dropping digitally and with multiple vinyl versions on February 17th..

This is actually a long anticipated re-release from a band of legendaries. Based in Japan and presented to the world, Koenjihyakkei have become ambassadors for the Prog-Rock/ Zeuhl music movements on a global scale.

Already generating buzz from the likes of Bandcamp Daily, NPR, and more, ‘Nivraym (Revisited)’ is a different album from the original 2001 release. There is depth (more) in the mix. Each track has a fresh vibrance to it without losing that original charm. What we get is, well, more.

Beautifully crafted with both a sense of Japanese musical styles infused with global genre hopping, ‘Nivraym (Revisited)’ is as much re-imaged as it is revisited. The song order is reminiscent of a journey. Make that journey what you will and let this be the soundtrack to it. Be carried away from each song as a chapter of a book that takes you in and becomes a part of you.

‘Nivraym (Revisited)’ becomes what you wish it to be. What you are that moment you listen and ingest.

About Koenjihyakkei

Koenjihyakkei’s third album revamped, revisited and on vinyl for the first time. Years after its original 2001 release, band leader Tatsuya Yoshida and the current Koenjihyakkei line-up (as heard on “Dhorimvishka”) returned to the ‘Nivraym’ master recordings and went to work – adding new flourishes, additional overdubs and re-recorded drum tracks.

“After years of working with Tatsuya’s (other band) Ruins, we released Koenjihyakkei’s fourth album “Angherr Shisspa” in 2005. Then we brought their first, second and third albums out internationally.” – comments Mark Fischer, the founder and CEO of SKiN GRAFT Records. “In 2018, Koenjhyakkei returned to great acclaim with album number five “Dhorimviskha”, which we followed up with a vinyl release of “Angherr Shisspa”. Now we’re bringing back the third album under the title “Nivraym (Revisited)”.

“It’s received an extensive overhaul since its original Japanese release. When the 2023 version is compared to the 2001 original, it is a huge difference”.

“Repeated listens reveal a calculatingly precise logic behind each and every mad progression, giving the band’s colorful music a sense of arresting inevitability”

For its first ever vinyl release, the album has been remixed, remastered and re-sequenced for this revolutionary revisitation – the band’s purest, most uncompromising expression of Zeuhl music to date; blending progressive rock, symphonic rock, fusion and neoclassicism with the energy of hardcore punk, the volume of metal and the attitude of rock in opposition.

Images by Tatsuya Yoshida.