Brixton-based Koyza is a mysterious singer/songwriter who has a lust for life which shines through in his debut single Celebrate, due for release 3rd Feb 2017. The single features an impressive remix package including WestFunk (Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, Jason Derulo and The Wideboys (Rihanna/top 20 chart hits/Kiss FM).

Koyza’s positivity shines through his music and it is his dream to connect people and help them realise that they’re not alone. He wants to create music that people can celebrate life together to.

“Dance music brings people together – it’s for everyone. Other kinds of music have typical fans, with their typical styles, moods and opinions, but dance music has no boundaries. And there’s nothing like the high you get from an uplifting melody over a killer beat.” Koyza

The man behind the mask with a name that stands for compassion and the welfare of others has a master plan: representing his life-long love of music in his unique sound.

“’Celebrate is the song the world needs right now! The chorus is so infectious; you can’t help but feel joy when listening to it. The Westfunk & Wideboys remixes are wildly different but are both radio & club friendly and sound very 2017”
Matterz Magazine