Kuoko has returned with the premiere of her new single titled ‘Take It Slow’. A smooth electropop track with an honest feeling of the self and a quiet confidence found only in the best new indie artists, Kuoko shows that her sound is an emerging journey that you are invited to, filled with sonic sounds and audio captures amidst out of the box songwriting and time changes you would not expect but welcome with the warmest regards.

‘Take It Slow’ is a timestamp on Kuoko’s career as she transcends into the next level of her music and dives deeper into the emotion and inner suave sound that she is becoming known for.

About Kuoko

Following on from recent singles ‘Loser’, ‘All I Want’ and ‘Firework’, ‘Take It Slow’ continues Kuoko’s musical evolution, melding emotionally charged electronic melodies and wry, introspective lyricsim, exuding both vulnerability and empowerment. She says: “As a songwriter, producer and visual artist, I am well aware of the self-exploiting tendencies of our fast-living society. With ‘TAKE IT SLOW’ I try to reflect on the need to take a break. Wee need to remind ourselves to take things slow, I wanted to portray a dreamy synth landscape, that counters the upcoming winter days with a bit of sun and warmth.”

As a DIY artist who not only produces her own music, but is also deeply involved in the visual world around it, this is a topic close to KUOKO’s heart. Her laidback vocal approach to the catchy chorus effectively centres this message around joy and fun.

For a few years now KUOKO has proven herself a skilful, self-producing composer / songwriter and a master of the synth-pop sonic world. With a crystal clear voice KUOKO taps into melancholic, dreamlike spheres (Floating), whether in indie-pop fashion (Hiding In The Dark) or even in danceable, electronic dresses (Perfect Girl).

By the time her self-titled debut album was released in September 2021 via Kabul Fire Records, KUOKO established herself as a unique allrounder that puts as much effort into creating the visual world around her sound, as in playing elusive live shows. After being invited to prominent showcase festivals like the Great Escape (UK) or Popkultur Festival (GER), she played several support shows with electro-pop duo ÄTNA in Switzerland.

As cover artist of Spotify’s EQUAL GSA playlist (Oct 2021) the Hamburg based artist even reached the New York Times Square’s Billboards, next to other female artists, who are passing boarders internationally.