La Rosa Noir has released their new single titled ‘Red Motorcycle’. Alt rock with a unique blend of attitude and style, La Rosa Noir deliver a bank of sounds that cross genres and delve into the minds of masters of music.

To say that they are post punk could be misleading. I feel a lot more riding in the notes of ‘Red Motorcycle’. I get a sense of self within the musicians playing and a drive to create originality without compromising anything big or small in order to make something they are proud of. This is a song to cherish.

“This is the song that formed La Rosa Noir. It was the first song we all played together. The lyrical style of the song is influenced by Johnny Cash’s story telling. I was obsessed with him at the time. I love playing minor rhythm chords; they’ve always felt so good. Once we were all jamming to it, it wasn’t long until we all were in sync with one another. The song felt heavy, fast, bold, and strong which is everything I felt when I saw that red motorcycle one day. From that point forward, we all had an idea what La Rosa Noir is and was going to be.”
Yeshi Regalado

About La Rosa Noir

Hailing from Chicago, IL, La Rosa Noir is a post-punk band with dark and dreamy surf tones and heavy heartfelt lyrics. Influenced by the moody era of 90’s alternative indie and punk. La Rosa Noir strives for a sound that’s cool and fun.