Written by music mogul Raymond Stevenson (Jessie J) and performances from The X Factor/Alien Uncovered star Temple Praise, as well as the voices of the victims of the horrific events, “Don’t Touch It. It’s Mine” aims to give a voice to the unheard, support those who need help and also show those who have yet to speak out that they’re not alone and that the world has united behind them.

The Shirley Oaks campaigners are part of a wider phenomenon – a “survivor” activism that is changing the balance of power in relation to child abuse. Where victims were once ignored or silenced, they are coming together through social media, forming support groups and building a crescendo of noise that the authorities are forced to acknowledge.

All funds from the sale of the track will go towards helping SOSA support victims of the tragedy worldwide, giving support to those who need it in the aftermath of these events.

“I have done many campaigns and they have always been motivated by personal circumstances and issues that blight communities. This video will enable victims to tell their story through a medium that cannot be tampered with or edited. The chorus in the song simply says, ‘you don’t know what they done to me’. The video will show the fear and horror of abuse through art.”