Linda Collins has today premiered their new video for the track titled ‘Sunbeams’ from the upcoming album ‘Choices’, out in September on Urtovox Records.

Presented with a somber sonic awakening, ‘Sunbeams’ is a beautifully crafted musical piece that you feel as much as you hear. That moment a subtle tear swells in your eye as you have a quiet, emotional moment, is the best way to describe the way this song and video gently engulf you with that first listen.

A tender mix of instrumentation surround the angelic vocal lines as you take this music in both your heart and soul. This is minimalism at it’s finest.

About Linda Collins

Linda Collins are a sound collective, whose founders are Alberto Garbero, Massimiliano Esposito, Vincenzo Morreale. They work with the external contributions from an active base of artists, who bring their own experiences from the underground area (Jackeyed, Benedetta, Neverwhere, Ramon Moro, SavantPunk, Arnoux, Karin Nygren, Manuela Canale).

Their composition are soundscapes, within the song form, which move between indie pop, post-rock and dub references.

Based in Turin, Linda Collins involve Italian and European musicians in a project that spreads beyond borders.

Linda Collins remains committed to the attempt to combine apparently distant cardinal points under the sign of a unique musical identity. Sound coordinates that refer to Sparlkehorse and Explosion in the Sky, diagonal visions close to the first dEUS, but also post-rock explosions à la Mogwai, as well as echoes of the trip-hop productions of the beginning of the millennium, and influences close to Central European electronica, halfway between Arab Strap and Notwist.