Lorena Leigh has today released her new single titled ‘Aspirin (Don’t Come For Me)’. A song for those who know who they are and need to be the one they know. Unapologetically affirming and musically endearing, ‘Aspirin (Don’t Come For Me)’ isa little something for those ready to break out of our shell, give a hand to others like us, and a middle finger to those who don’t like us.

While the song has, what I call, those dramatic pauses for reflection, the music and lyrics never let up, focusing on the fist pump and the racing heart while you gather your senses enough to grasp the musical meaning.

About ‘Aspirin (Don’t Come For Me)’

Lorena Leigh uses this upbeat track to convey her profound thoughts on how society isn’t ready for someone to be unapologetically themselves. “I think a person living life to the fullest can be perceived as a threat,” says Leigh. “It challenges others’ comfort zones, their judgment, the rules of how things “should” be and can subconsciously reveal how a person might be in their own mental prison.” The instrumentation paints this trippy- weightless tone that makes listeners feel like they are elevating higher through the path of light and self-discovery.

The light electronic beats and rhythms heard throughout the track were a collaborative effort by Lorena Leigh, Ernesto Valenzuela, who produced, engineered, and mixed, and Matias Carvajal, who mastered “Aspirin (Don’t Come For Me.)” Lorena Leigh reminds listeners to embrace existence beyond comfort’s confines, like dancing in public, initiating conversations with strangers, laughing until tears flow despite appearances, or asserting “no” to prioritize one’s own happiness as the connecting with the essence of life. This experience transcends any substance; it’s liberation at its peak. It’s not just an aspirin; it’s something far superior.

Lorena Leigh’s musical journey began early with her childhood kitchen special “I’m Thirsty And Want Something To Drink.” Influenced by various artists like The Chicks and Trisha Yearwood, she expanded her musical palette across genres. In her twenties, armed with a ukulele, she immersed herself in New York City’s ambiance, blending her life experiences to create her unique genre, “Cowgirl Mermaid Music,” known for its storytelling lyrics, catchy hooks, and electric-pop-ukulele melodies.

Leigh’s artistry has earned her acclaim from outlets like Wonderland Magazine and Music Connection Magazine, marking her as a riser in musical innovation. Opening for notable artists such as Stevie Nicks, Little Big Town, and Kris Lager Band in 2022 further solidified her presence in the music scene.

About Lorena Leigh

With Texas charm and New York grit, Lorena Leigh is the feminine fusion of homegrown story-telling, danceable rhythms, and summertime obsession. Her songwriting journey began at the ripe age of 3 with her first single “I’m thirsty, and I want something to drink.” The song debuted in her family’s kitchen and mingled with tunes by the likes of Trisha Yearwood and the Dixie Chicks.

Though Lorena’s musical foundations may have begun with country, classic American rock, and the Spice Girls, a wave of island influence crashed into her sound in her early 20s when she was given a ukulele and lived in Rockaway Beach, Queens. Lorena’s catchy hooks, lyrical stories, and electrified, pedal-popped ukulele melodies propel her music to the core of your soul.

It’s part cowgirl. It’s part mermaid. It’s all water theory.

After two EPs and numerous singles, Lorena’s sound has been described by fans as “cowgirl-mermaid” music. Riding the momentum of those previous EPs Bella Vista (2015) and Jellyfish Queen (2018)- which contained the breakout single “Headstrong”- Leigh released her debut LP in the fall of 2019. Entitled ‘Water Theory’, the 11-song adventure was produced by Ernesto Valenzuela (Tommy Genesis, Espé, B-52s) and featured an all-star cast including drummer Sterling Campbell (David Bowie, B-52s, and Duran Duran). Laced with hints of Alanis Morrisette, Nelly Furtado, Kacey Musgraves, and Cyndi Lauper, Water Theory is a complete galaxy with engaging sentiments, vibrant characters, and cinematic soundscapes.

Lorena spent October to Dec 2019 on the road full time playing over 50 shows across the US in support of the album’s release. It is her determination, soulful nature, and out-of-the-box stage presence that has garnered Lorena a grassroots following of fans who welcome the underwater rodeo of the universe. Lorena’s childhood love of country music, years of professional dance performance & enthrallment with the NYC surf scene during her early twenties, directly contribute to the catchy hooks, lyrical stories, and electrified, pedal-popped ukulele melodies that drive her music and leave audiences buzzing with positivity.

Lorena rooted herself back in Texas at the start of 2020 where she released her second full-length album, “Cowgirl-Mermaid Christmas” and hunkered down to ride out the pandemic with hometown support.