1. Golden Skies Loucas Bretz 3:00

Loucas Bretz is an artist-producer from Luxembourg who loves to create music individually and collaboratively as much as he loves producing for himself and for others. His instrumental music features a mixture of expressive guitar melodies, groovy bass lines, discrete synthetic sounds, and energetic drum beats, which he self-produces in a minimalist and modernist manner prioritising the quality of the song over the production, all while embracing the imperfections.

Golden Skies was written to evoke the nostalgic feelings within us, especially during those late summer nights and their distinctive colourful skies; a rather moody and relaxed sequel to the first single Autumn Leaves. This indie instrumental features 80s chorus-y guitars, vintage bass-lines, lively acoustic drums, and a captivating lead guitar with its broken tone.

SOURCE: Official Bio