Luciano Panama has today released his new performance video of the Leonard Cohen classic titled ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’.

Filmed by Stefano Poletti, the video matches the song with that stark, simplistic setting perfectly and sonically captured by the slightly gritty guitar and Luciano’s subtly vocal angst.

I feel an almost modernistic dystopian feel with the hook slipping in, here and there, while Luciano makes this song his own with solemn recognition and sleek originality.

“The lyrical self speaks to a man in a blue raincoat whom he calls “My brother, my killer”, it is a love letter in which Cohen writes about a plot that is very reminiscent of the story of Beautiful Losers, his second novel. Reading Cohen’s biography, however, the blue raincoat was a peculiarly distinctive trait of his, it seems he bought it in London in 1959 together with a typewriter, an Olivetti Letter 22, with which he would later write his two novels and several poems.

Cohen seems to be addressing his rival in love, which however is impossible to hate, indeed for which one feels affection and gratitude, he really seems to be addressing the other part of himself, a dualism that probably exists in all of us and in which I recognize myself definitely, as well as owning several blue items that I wear often. Cohen probably wrote all this for himself to manage tensions and fears, understand his love, the peculiarity of the song is the unusual shape of the letter… one of the interpretations even winks at Freud’s psychoanalytic theory” .

About Luciano Panama

Luciano Panama is a multi-instrumentalist musician author, after more than a decade of experience with the “Entourage – Enter In Our Age” project/band with which he releases several albums and EPs, in 2017 he released Piramidi, his first solo album, written, played, recorded and produced by himself in his studio in Messina, his hometown. The eight-track album is included by critics among the best publications of the year.

This is followed by a tour with many live performances between northern, central and southern Italy and the creation of three video clips: “Le Ossa” a song that talks about restarts and new opportunities, inspired by a performance by Marina Abramovic and her concept of “crossing walls”, “Hey My” song that pays homage to Neil Young right from the title by connecting to his famous song “Hey Hey My My” which speaks of the meaning of rock and roll and its change over the years, cinematically inspired by Lynch and Fellini and “Messina guerra e amore” where the direction and editing are signed by the same who wanted to measure himself for the first time in this experience, experimenting with a personal visual language. Previewed on Rai3, it is among the most important of his videography.

Since 2019 he has been the creator of the “La Città Sommersa” review, a laboratory of “thought, music and art”, a traveling cultural center with four active editions between Messina, Milan and Rome. In the last year he writes a new live-set inspired by the work of Paul Gauguin: Where do we come from? Who we are? Where do we go?

A reflection on human existence made of songs, painting, moods, points of view. Progressivism avant-gardism and traditionalism, inscriptions from the bowels of the brain and the heart.