Luis Guzman is no stranger to the camera when it comes to comedy and critical acclaim TV series. His elite expertise landed him lead roles on major TV networks. CBS’ Code Black, co-starring starlet Maggie Grace, they endure the challenge of managing hospital staff and residents all taking place in an overcrowded and understaffed emergency room in Los Angeles, California. Talk about a true American medical drama series. HBO’s “How to Make It in America”, produced by Ian Edelman and Luis Guzman is a comedic film featuring Luis Guzman. He is co-starred by Edgar Garcia, Rosie Perez and Rosario Dawson. Taking place in the big apple, their NYPD detective roles seem to come to life combining their wit with NYC wisdom.

On building a Latino ‘state of mind’ empire, Luis Guzman partnership with an extraordinary group of television and film producers allowed him to establish Joule Entertainment; the most renowned NYC based minority-owned content production company. This curated team of industry specialist came together to provide high caliber content to a discerning market and with the support of top industry executives, Joule Entertainment has left a timeless footprint in world of content and digital media.

SOURCE Alma Entertainment