Magenta Moon has released their new single titled ‘Move Me’. Post COVID has sown some more diverse and even melancholic songs but this has to be a solid and original mix if I have ever heard one. Mixing the new feelings of the post pandemic world with a yearning for what once was, Magenta Moon do it with a style and flair that is clearly all their own.

Part ‘Bond’ style song with a dance club flavor and an electronic dash of brilliance, ‘Move Me’ does just that as it enters your mind with the suave and smoothness of the music you just naturally associate it with because it’s cool.

About ‘Move Me’

“Move Me” features a unique futuristic intro that draws in the audience before exploding into edgy instrumentals. When asked about the meaning behind the single, the duo stated, “It’s inspired by the Carlos Santana quote, ‘If you don’t give yourself chills, no one else is going to get them either,’ ‘Move Me’ takes the stance that it is the job of entertainers to get people moving.” Constantly pushing boundaries and exploring genre limits, Magenta Moon fuses a dramatic beat with reassuring lyrics to tell their story of movement.

The eclectic track highlights Elaina Whitesell on vocals and bass, Joey Petrarca on vocals and guitar, Pat Mannella on drums, Broadway B on keyboard, and Chris Xue on violin. The single, mixed by Andrew Solis and mastered by Nick Townsend (Dr. Dre, Alice In Chains) leads listeners to let loose and embrace the music around them.

Magenta Moon comprises Elaina Whitesell and Joseph Petrarca, whose journey spans the breadth of the United States. Originating from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Petrarca crossed paths with Whitesell, who was born in Champaign, Illinois, in Boston. There, they found love and also discovered a mutual passion for music, which led them to relocate to Los Angeles in September 2022. Drawing from their diverse backgrounds and experiences, they have sculpted a sound that is both immersive and enchanting.

Their earlier albums, Rapid When It Happens (2020) and I Brushed My Teeth; Let’s Make Love (2021), have received acclaim from sources such as Dope Cause We Said, The 110 Pod, and R+, who commended them for their innovative sonic landscape and compelling narratives. Their last single, “Perceive Yourself,” has amassed over 18K on Spotify and gained praise from Broadway World, Indie Midlands, and Where The Music Meets.

About Magenta Moon

Magenta Moon is a surf music spaceship co-piloted by couple Elaina Whitesell (lead vocals, bass) and Joey Petrarca (guitar, vocals). Their dynamic and groovy sound transports passengers to a realm of magical delights full of romantic ballads as well as rock anthems. MM’s carefully written songs boast poetic lyrics and accessible sonic complexity. Live, Magenta Moon offers common ground to audiences of all ages, races, and creeds. Rely on The Moon to get your body moving! Magenta Moon is currently parked in Los Angeles, California, USA, Earth.