Los Angeles Psych Rock trio Magna Zero are lifelong friends David Aubrey (Drums), Jason Moore (Vocals/Bass/Keys), and Chris DiCesare (Guitar). Their raw sound combines elements of progressive rock, desert rock, and post-punk into a swirling cauldron of guitar and groove-driven sonic energy. Formed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the band forged their musical identity by co-quarantining in a deserted LA studio and creating over one hundred musical compositions that each began as ‘free jams’, or improvisational works, recorded by Aubrey on his phone. Over the next year, the band sculpted many of these works into songs, and in late 2022 they released four tracks as their debut EP, All Must Go.

After the critical success of All Must Go, the band announced the release of their first LP, The Great Nothing, due March 20, 2023. The album captures the raw, live spirit of the Magna Zero sound, with most of the recordings done as live takes and minimal overdubs used. Aubrey relates the album conceptually to a black hole, with the creative and destructive forces that propel the cycles of life, death, and rebirth throughout all things. As a unified work of art, The Great Nothing is a transformative odyssey into a state of flow that is ultimately free of time, place, and self. Moore’s lyrics weave a visceral narrative of existentialism and transcendence, reflecting both an individual and collective experience of living in today’s uncertain and turbulent world.

Magna Zero, translated from Latin, means ‘Great Nothing’. Coined by Aubrey as a title of one of the band’s early compositions and suggested by Moore for the name of the band, the term refers to a state of peace that is beyond the ego, where one experiences harmony and unity with the universe. This is the way the band feels when they play music together. DiCesare describes how their creative process starts from a blank canvas, in an empty space of possibility. This void, or nothingness, is an entry point to peace and connection for the band, and is what they hope to share with their audience through the music they create.

Magna Zero is currently promoting The Great Nothing with featured singles and music videos, playing private events and guerilla shows, and recording new material for their second album.

SOURCE: Official Bio