MammaBear has today released his new single titled ‘Fever Dream’. Suave rock with a sense of indie, MammaBear delivers a new anthem to add another 8 weeks of summer with a bit of snark and swagger for added flavor.

While ‘Fever Dream’ is a new song, as in released today, it carries the weight of the history of rock while taking it to new heights as if the hook is meant to have always been there. Stopping and starting with a monster chorus and chugging along with a solid feeling of originality yet combining all of those things we’ve always loved in rock. Listen to find out what I mean.

About MammaBear

The solo project of Kyle Gordon- loud and honest- MammaBear is well understood energy that translates to close-at-heart fans. MammaBear is the antithesis of the antiquated stereotype “sex, drugs, rock and roll”. MammaBear is sarcastic punk for punk without a uniform.

Originally formed as a studio project by Gordon, he had full control over the project writing and recording songs as he saw fit. Eventually he called on some of his closest peers to join him on stage to play live shows. The line-up is ever changing, but always consists of true Atlanta talent. ‘Fever Dream’ is the second single from this awesome project and is being released on September 4th to support the upcoming UK Tour.