Marlowe has just released his new track titled ‘Light Trip’ featuring L’Orange and Solemn Brigham. Cut for the masses and ripped for the stage, that sweet spot in hip hop where the track becomes memorable without having to be overpowering is usually best achieved by true music masters. That is what we have here. We have that verge of splitting your mind with revelation but we also get that future memory by listening to that signature sound of original staccato style rhythm with subtle machine gun lyrical delivery.

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About Marlowe & ‘Light Trip’

Marlowe, the Hip-Hop duo of producer L’Orange and rapper Solemn Brigham share new song Light Trip from their forthcoming album. The duo’s highly-anticipated album Marlowe 3 is due for release October 28th on Mello Music Group. Along with the new song, L’Orange and Solemn are proud to announce their Autumn 2022 UK/EU Tour.

The new song Light Trip is all about letting go of baggage and not allowing the weight of life overtake you. It’s the third single taken from Marlowe 3 following Past Life and Royal. Powered by sleek Jazz horns and interweaving samples, Past Life is a contemporary adaptation to the beloved golden era Hip-Hop sound.

The charismatic Solemn Brigham showcases his unparalleled rapping ability as he dives into the duality of living underground and just above it. On Royal, Solemn is joined by esteemed lyricists Blu and Joell Ortiz. The three rap titans trade bars over L’Orange’s sensational production