Mary In The Mirror has today premiered her new video titled ‘Pain’. With the visualization firmly in place for the already in-your-face audio, Mary In The Mirror turns that mirror on us and gives us trap music with a vivid original score.

Mary is one of those artists that is evolving into a sheer brand of creativity and originality and is doing it on her own terms. That flavor of soul and snark combined with physicality vs mentality only hype the hip and keeps us watching and listening.

About Mary In The Mirror

Hailing from Bristol, Mary in the Mirror is an alternative artist originally from London. Her vocals have been compared with vocalists of such caliber as Kate Bush and Beth Gibbons and her music fuses exquisite, pop inspired vocals with modern urban beats like hip-hop, trap and drill. Inspiration from the likes of Bjork, Goldfrapp and Massive Attack are woven seamlessly into her recent body of work.

The lyrical content holds evocative storylines with themes that are frank, honest and no holds barred. Written during a time of great hardship in her life. Mary has used her life experiences as inspiration and crafted them into a series of compelling songs that are a vehicle for exploring her challenging and sometimes painful life experiences.

Mary’s most recent release ‘Pain’ is filled with strong yet ethereal vocals set against a backdrop of heavy bass and trap with a superb hook that will send shivers down your spine. She describes ‘Pain’ as “an embodiment of exploring bold sexuality, pushing the boundaries of control and going beyond our limits”

In 2016 a serious health problem left Mary unable to walk. She battled with being on crutches for years and over time has learned to manage these physical difficulties by becoming strong and fit. Having faced her own challenges and demons, she feels it is an empowering next step to share her journey. Her music reflects these ideas of courage and perseverance to rise up, even when faced with adversity. As an experienced vocalist exploring the new music scene, Mary is being reborn with her latest release.

SOURCE: Official Bio