1. Notice Masha and the Fam 4:36

Masha and the Fam are a Los Angeles band fronted by Masha Alexis, who sings, plays piano, and writes songs. Masha and the Fam create a vibrant, soulful sound that blends and transcends genres, bringing high-energy performances to live audiences.

A career as a professional dancer brought Masha to LA and led her back to her musical roots. In a life-changing moment working with legendary producer Anthony Marinelli, she volunteered to sing some backing vocals in Russian. Calling in her training in choral music at the Peabody Conservatory, singing Russian liturgical music at church growing up, opera in college, and 60s and 70s music at home, Masha embarked on a new career: singing backup for other artists.

With encouragement from renowned vocal coach Rachael Lawrence, Masha began writing the songs that would become her debut solo EP, Conkling Street, a tribute to her hometown of Baltimore City. For the release, Masha put together a group of musicians to bring her songs to life, “These people and their energy created something so great, we decided to stay together.” Through jam sessions they build the tunes that become the tracks they record and perform. The songs on their upcoming spring release, After Dark, arose from this process.

Currently, Masha and the Fam are recording their first concept album. The songs are inspired by Ruth Gendler’s poetry collection Book of Qualities, a book that has been a touchstone for Masha.

SOURCE: Official Bio