Meanjin/Brisbane-based rockers Mecha Mecha have done it again with their latest music video for the single ‘My Hero The Homewrecker’. Following their explosive and personal track, this music video captures the perfected essence of Mecha Mecha’s unique sound.

Featuring a extravagant display of theatrics, the video takes viewers on a visually stunning set as the band play the song out. Featuring a dynamic and vibrant colour palette the clip perfectly complements the raw intensity of the track.

Mecha Mecha’s music blurs the lines of dark indie rock and neo-classical metal, with tinges of psytrance and EDM. The unusual lineup of electric violin, bass, and drums creates a unique and electric sound that is enrapturing.

The video is a true spectacle, showcasing Mecha Mecha’s flair for the dramatic and theatrical. With multiple music videos already having been featured on Rage and MTV, as well as international film festivals, this latest video is sure to continue to draw attention to the band.

Mecha Mecha has grown an impressive list of achievements since they debuted in 2017, and in that time, they’ve created an incredible live show. They’ll be performing at the Moondoll Festival at the Mansfield Tavern on June 3; fans and newcomers alike won’t want to miss out on the bands captivating live performance.

SOURCE: Official Bio