SouthWest TripHop artist Meganoke releases a new music video, Three of Life, honoring all elements of hip hop while continuing to bring a new wave of art to the scene. Working with producers from California Matthew Valdez on this single, breaking away from her most used producer Riddlore, continuing to create something modern and unique both visually and with her unusual sound.

This video features fashion thru designer and artist Randy L Barton. Full of movement from bboys of Medicine Paint and Tiger Style Crew. All artist that are also known throughout the SouthWest underground Hip Hop world.

The integration of all these artists represented are part of a movement, Golen Pact, created by Meganoke to bring together artists of every element and give them a platform to shine and build together.

Both thru her sound and visually, Meganoke continues to show us that she is willing to think outside the box and create a new wave of what Trip hop and Hip Hop culture can become.