Mellohoney has today released their new single titled ‘Coward’. As if being a trailer for their upcoming EP ‘Genuine People’, or maybe that small hit of crack from a dealer with something to sell, Mellohoney crash the party on the conformity crowd with a soul bomb giving off that subtle scent of plutonium.

The hook is a serial killer who forgot to cover his tracks. That feeling of wanting to stay to take in the music but knowing it may cost you. An anthem for the angst ridden and a call to arms for the slacker generation, ‘Coward’ never lets up and never lets you down. Just as a good song should.

About Mellohoney

They say it takes two to tango, but how many does it take to create a wall of sound, so explosive, and so dynamic it leaves you questioning where the rest of the band is? It only takes two.

Case and point, Mellohoney the post-punk/garage-rock duo hailing from some noisy garage east of Toronto fits the bill. No stone is left unturned when the two of them step foot on stage to create a wall of sound much larger than their member count.

In 2023 Mellohoney began recording their debut EP “Genuine People” with producer Dave Schiffman (PUP, NOBRO, The OBMGs) at Dreamhouse Studios in Toronto.

The result was the most energetic, and impactful musical experience both live and recorded for the band. 2024 will see the album release “Genuine People”, where the band never shies away from turning down, as much as they like to crank it up.

Their music centers around post-punk, but often will veer into oncoming traffic, colliding with rock, ska, hip-hop, folk and reggae, creating a mix that will have your head turning toward the sound of screeching tires to catch a glimpse of the maniacs behind the wheel.

Featured image by Ryan Borough.