Melonball has released their new video for their cover of The Outfield’s classic song ‘Your Love’. Definitely a different take of a song that kind of defined the musical style of a decade (and my childhood, in hindsight), ‘Your Love’ is one of those songs most don’t dare to remake. It’s too iconic. To signature. But Melonball does it with the style of indie and the panache of musical giants. Making the song their own in many ways.

While the Melonball version is fueled by caffeine and creativity, there is also an homage about this version. A respect, if you will. Melonball loves what they’re doing and loves even more who their influences are. They make ‘Your Love’ their own.

About Melonball & ‘Your Love’

Melodic skatepunk with fast riffs, three-part vocal harmonies, catchy hooks and lyrics with strong opinions: Melonball play “melonic” punkrock and are present in different corners of the genre. They deliver a unique blend of politically-charged skate punk and rousing melodies and harmonies. A main feature is the striking voice of lead singer Oli which gives Melonball a unique sound in the skatepunk spectrum. Melonball’s powerful lyrics address social and system-critical issues, conveying the raw emotions that connect people in the fight against injustice and abuse of power.

Formed in 2019, MELONBALL have played stages at Manchester Punk Festival, Punk Rock Camp, Punk Rock Holiday, KNRD Fest, and gigs with A Wilhelm Scream, Punk Rock Factory, The Toasters, Belvedere and Betontod.