There aren’t many bands that can boast a history like Miccoli; they’ve gigged in LA’s Viper Rooms along with every other key rock venue across America, hung out with Motley Crue, performed at the Hyde Park Wireless festival, had music videos featured on MTV, VH1 & ASXTV, lived in their car (equipped with a mobile bar and cooker) had one of their members suffer a near fatal heart condition, and attended the same music production school as Grammy Award winning producer Paul Epworth. They’ve spent time living in Penang, landed several sponsorship deals, moved back to the UK, and somehow through it all, they’ve managed to prioritize writing, recording and performing a huge number of songs.

Miccoli, their name taken from the sibling trio’s surname, formed in 2010 after spending most of their childhood studying and making music. Growing up in Birmingham, England, they were brought up listening to Simon and Garfunkel, Don Mclean, The Police, Fleetwood Mac and the sounds of Motown, to name just a few of their diverse musical influences.

Twin brothers Adriano (vocal and acoustic/electric guitar) Alessandro (piano, vocal and acoustic guitar) and their younger sister Francesca (vocal, piano and harmonica) have toured extensively, giving the band the opportunity to explore their musical identity and fine tune their live set – a compelling blend of haunting, melodic and eclectic sounds, interlaced with breathtaking harmonies.

The Alternative/Indie Pop band, who have been featured on American, British and Asian television, write anthemic and heartfelt songs that have already earned airplay on the likes of national and regional BBC radio, as well as independent, college, community and internet stations around the world.

Miccoli’s new single ‘Idle Stranger’ is an epic slice of Indie Pop which showcases the band’s vocal harmonies and ear for writing a catchy hook. Accompanied by a stunning video filmed in Venice, it’s clear that Miccoli’s artistic and musical vision is manifested through a rare and intense hypnotic beauty.

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“One’s to watch out for”
Tom Robinson – BBC Radio 6 Music

“Exquisite sibling harmonies”
Aled Jones – BBC Radio 2

“The band Miccoli, sensual, sweeping melodies mixed with a splash of melancholic vocals”
Alexander Lundmark – Azaria Magazine

“I get the same type or chills playing Miccoli’s music as I do when I slap on some Fleetwood Mac. I can sense the interrelationships and family bonds that can be painful yet unbreakable”
Bob Crabtree – Artists for Your Earbuds

“In short, their sound is just beautiful…ethereal, wafting, and mesmerizing. In short they take us away on a wave of gorgeous melody…”
Lisa Hafey – Essentially Pop

“Miccoli certainly have the talent to triumph in the charts. Their adept instrumental abilities and pleasant vocal skills afford their work a universally accessible pop/rock rhythm that’s perfectly suited to life on the radio”.
Dave Simpson – Pure M Magazine

“Miccoli have a magic we haven’t heard in a long time, truly a unique sound”
Dr Phil – American Veterans Radio