Michele Ducci has today premiered his new lyric video for the track titled ‘You Lay the Path by Walking on It’, releasing tomorrow, from the upcoming debut solo album ‘SIVE’, dropping on June 7th.

For a song to sound like a classic right after it’s written is the mark of a true songwriter. Plain and simple. But, to create such a relatable song where the lyrics are just as memorable as the melody, is the sign of a poet.

‘You Lay the Path by Walking on It’ reminds us that time is fleeting, and that we should never forget that the sweet times in life are never as sweet without the sour. And those times in the sweetness can never feel so sweet during those times as that magic set of moments leading up to it. This makes the journey there as good to us as the destination. Maybe that is why the work in a goal is what we remember with more fondness than the result of that work?

Musically, the song fits the mood. Perfectly encapsulating it with that subtle build up and ‘calm before the storm’ anticipation and fondness for what is to come. The perfect marriage of mind, music, and manner.

Time is fleeting. Music is forever.

About Michele Ducci & ‘You Lay the Path by Walking on It’

“You Lay the Path by Walking on It” is the second single from former M+A and Santii member Michele Ducci’s debut solo album, “SIVE”. It’s a bright, uplifting pop song with a bouncy chorus that sticks in the brain: “The path is walking on me while I’m walking on it, while I’m walking on it.”

About the inspiration for the song, Michele says, “This is one of the first songs I wrote after a long period of no longer touching a musical instrument. I was walking around and whistling the theme that had suddenly come to my mind. As I walked, I thought that often, when we have an event or trip, we spend so much time anticipating it that when it arrives we can feel disappointed. We have waited so long for it that as soon as it has been reached, it seems swept away in a second like a face traced on the sand and blown away by the wind. As in Kafka’s “The Next Village” story you feel in a situation where it seems that not even a whole life can be enough to get to the nearest village.

Then, continuing to walk and whistle and forgetting that I had to go somewhere, I realized that it is never a question of getting somewhere but of making the path by walking on it. From the start it was an unknown child who sang while walking and I found myself singing with him, serenely whistling like the confidence of the flowers that bloom every spring. “So nice, so blind”.