Mike Milan Dedic has released his new video for the track titled ‘Hungarian Dance No. 5’. While a sheer guitar virtuoso, Mike is one of those rare breeds that takes it a bit further with the mindfulness of the song and the interesting penchant for the hook within the music.

A beautiful mix of melody, mindfulness, and grit, ‘Hungarian Dance No. 5’ is a lesson for players and a track for your playlist.

About Mike Milan Dedic

Mike Milan Dedic grew up in the west end of Toronto, Ontario Canada Started playing guitar at the age of 12. Completely self taught.


Too many to fully list!
Some of the main influences are:
Uli Roth;Rhodes; Van Halen; Ritchie Blackmore;Malmsteen

Single Releases

Over The Top – May 3, 2023 Energy – August 12, 2021
Run – May 12, 2020
Shall We Dance Too? – 2019
Launch (Re-Launch) – 2018
Escape – 2017

Album Releases

Mike Milan Dedic – Self Titled – 2014
Fingerfood album – 1995 (Marshmallow Records)
The Pleasure’s Yours – 1987 Axis Records (Vinyl Release)