German-born producer and composer millhope sees his instrumental music as a source for daydreaming, curiosity, hope, and idleness. With his catchy synthesizer melodies and spherical guitar lines, pushed by driving drums and striking bass, millhope’s music takes you on a journey through dreamy soundscapes, drawing inspiration from albums like Tycho’s “Dive“, Genesis’s “Abacab“, Jonny Buckland’s (Coldplay) guitar lines, and Muse’s synth arpeggios.

Describing his genre as a blend of chillwave, ambient rock, and downbeat, his music is sure to be the perfect soundtrack for your daydreaming and idle moments. For him, it’s not just about the melodies – he also incorporates subtle but ever-present field recording elements, including nature-related sound collages and samples of everyday objects and instruments. And he has a certain haptic fetish, admitting that he loves the sound and feel of the PATCH NUMBER button on his Juno-60.

SOURCE: Official Bio