Milyssa Rose has released her new single titled ‘Storm’ from her upcoming album ‘The Collection’, dropping November 10th.

A unique take, musically, on the struggles of the every person, with an almost softly cinematic blend of soundscape and honesty, Milyssa really takes everything she has and gives it to the listener in a not so brash way, which lends credence and feeling to an already perfect song.

About Milyssa Rose & ‘Storm’

In honor of Suicide Prevention Week, Milyssa Rose has announced her new single “Storm”

Storm is a song for anyone going through any type of hardship. Sometimes it can feel like you won’t make it, and that it’ll never end.

The effect on your mental health can be dangerous, but being able to talk to someone about those issues is such a necessary, massive step.

We all have storms, but you can become stronger and more resilient over time.

Milyssa said:

“People still don’t talk enough, and it’s essential to start those conversations. I hope that through my art I can inspire and help educate people, as good mental health is so important. We all go through hard times, and it’s so crucial to remember that the other side is brighter again”.

Her new studio album “The Collection” drops Friday 10th November.

Milyssa Rose is a passionate and multi-talented artist, covering a variety of genres ranging from Pop and Rock, to Hiphop and Club Bangers. Her diversity and sense for musical freedom has always pushed her to move amidst many creative circles, whilst leaving her own unique mark set outside of the norm.

Milyssa has shared the stage with a plethora of artists including B5, Kilo Ali, Faith Evans, Mykko Montana, Donnell Jones, and the Rich Kidz.

Alongside this, Milyssa has won numerous awards including the A.U.M.A. Radio Best Female Vocalist (2015), Straight Ally 2014 for Meak Productions, Akademia Music Awards for Best Pop four times (2014/2016), Poze Records Best Music Video (April 2014), and Follow Because I am Hot (Hot Block Magazine, 2013).