1. Time Monique Barry 4:13

Monique Barry keeps her eye on the hourglass and her talents in music’s time zone with her latest single Time, as Tennessee Williams wisely told us, is the longest distance between two places —a perspective that singer-songwriter Monique Barry is more than prepared to support —and sing about. Always a musical innovator and a tuneful risk taker, Monique has often been ahead of her time, and shows no sign of falling behind. Ever since starting her musical career, she hasn’t just spent time—she’s also invested it in the evolution of her creative vision, as well as the exploration of her musical scope and diversity.

Monique’s newest single, Time, is the eighth and latest in a series of singles that’s slated to culminate in a completed album entitled HAAK.

A delicately atmospheric exploration of loss and connection, Time begins with a quiet, ghostly flair and a spellbinding background laced with breathy, faraway sighs (of someone who’s been running a great distance, it suggests, toward something…or away from it?) “Hope to see past your distance, it’s dark and it’s blue” she sings, gently reaching vocally through a caressing multilayered soundscape. Modernistically inventive, Monique has been praised for being “highly ambitious when it comes to integrating musical styles,” (Artwork Artbar) and singled out for her “pure and ethereal voice…that frames emotionally eloquent compositions that dig deep lyrically and feature adventurous arrangements.” (New Canadian Music). She has consistently demonstrated a keen willingness to experiment with musical forms and ambient elements, an approach that has fed and strengthened her intriguingly distinctive persona. “There is something about this woman’s voice (and) presence…Different, surreal, artistically vague yet deep in its layer of sounds and meaning.” (American Pancake)

Monique’s previous albums—Moody (1998), Tripping (2003), Carbon (2009,) and Wake (2013)—have established her critically appreciated affinity for musical individualism and rich invention. Always drawing on a wide range of experiential and cultural influences, Monique’s innovative outlook has won her a reputation as one of the most distinctive pioneers of Toronto’s independent music scene.

Also going the musical distance on Time are some of Monique’s most trusted and vibrant collaborators: Kevin Lacroix on guitar, Alisdair Jones on bass, Emma Campbell on vocals and Michael Philip Wojewoda on drums, vocals, mix and co-production.

SOURCE: Official Bio