Moth has released their new single titled ‘Ricochet’ via Pool Valley Records. Like a giant ‘fuck you’ to the aural senses, Moth sends up a single that grits all the teeth and raises every fist. Holy shit this sounds huge. A perfect blend of sonic noise with grit around the edges signaling a battle cry for the indie generation.

Take into account the amount of adrenaline used in the song, you can’t help but wonder if you’ve found your new favorite band. This is now my personal anthem.

About ‘Ricochet’

After the immediate success of Incarcerate, Ricochet further captures Moth’s ethos of “Breaking morals and breaking boundaries! A homage to a lifestyle of crime without punishment” -says lyricists Zain Kahn. Moth have been refining their recorded sound with theproduction of ‘Ricochet, the next addition to their fast-growing catalogue of contributions towards the great grunge revival. A resurgence evident from bands such as Softcult, Drug Church and Basement, and the chaotic excitement that fills a room whenever Moth play live.

Independant Record label Pool Valley sent Moth to Brightons prolific Metway Studios to ensure fan favourite Ricochet carries the same raucous energy from the live version over towax, and the result is undeniably impactful. The track has long proved its popularity amongtheir loyal fanbase, drawn to dingey pub basements by their guitar driven tunes – like a mothto a flame – with an instant live reaction at every show to the signature guitar screams in the intro, setting the tone for whats to come. Complimented by the following lead guitar verses reminiscent of 80’s Motorhead. Combined with the brash and unforgiving vocal style offrontman Ciaran Brennan, creates a soundscape explicit enough to forget the sorrowful yetradio friendly nature of the track’s lyrics.

About Moth

Four piece ‘proper heavy grunge’ band Moth have been smashing their way across South East venues since 2021, quickly accumulating a loyal fanbase drawn to dingy pub basements by their guitar driven tunes, like a moth to a flame. After the enormous success of ‘Downtune’ and ‘we go again’ with an overall stream count of over 100k, anticipation their fourth single has really had time to build. Recorded over two days at Brighton’s prestigious metway studios, ‘Ricochet’ is sure to raise blood levels and see some of it end up on the floor

Their first release with Pool Valley ‘Incarcerate’ perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being punched in the face and being left on the curb to bleed out. “Its bout being a low life and knowing it” says guitarist Zain Kahn. The band bring the sound of the nineties straight into the present, combining the existential edge of Nirvana, the doom and gloom of Soundgarden and the fast-paced aggression of Motörthead. Incarcerate is a perfect example of Moths self proclaimed summary of their sound as “a blend of anarchy and melody” which has already accumulated over 20k streams on Spotify.