Sheffield-born south London-based Indie-Rock artist ‘Moxon’ releases his latest single ‘Vinnies Tune’. Quickly becoming known for incorporating chill, dynamic guitar loops and groovy beats with honest lyricism that reflects the struggles of a generation, ‘Moxon’ is back with his latest single ‘Vinnies Tunes’ delighting fans from both sides of the Watford Gap.

Awash with reverb, Moxon builds the track atop a bright choppy guitar mixed with laid-back drum grooves and piercing lead guitar lines to create a shimmering offering that incorporates elements of Indie-Rock a Reggae. The track follows the story of ‘Vinnie’, an amalgamation of characters Moxon has met from various conversations he’s had with punters at local pubs throughout London and Sheffield. These conversations helped Moxon create the character ‘Vinnie’ as the song offers the listener a glips into Vinnie’s world.

Born in the boredom of lockdown, Moxon began recording and building his sound which involves a loop pedal and an array of guitar pedals, synths and drum pads to build up a wall of sound he is well known for in the South London music scene. Moxon has gigged extensively throughout Yorkshire and London selling out multiple venues while consistently releasing exciting new music and setting indie dancefloors alight. Having seen support from the likes of BBC Radio Sheffield, Music Crowns and South London Press to name a few and fresh off supporting The Waeve (Graham Coxon & Rose Elinor Dougall) at Sheffield’s Foundry, 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Moxon.

SOURCE: Official Bio