Mugen has been biding their time, perfecting their craft and carefully constructing a beautifully thought out musical and visual pairing, staring ‘Mugen’ the hedgehog.

‘Mugen’ himself has an indulgent drinking and smoking habit, and is a hedgehog who traverses the terrain of the human world as a personification of lead singer, and songwriter Harry Kinchington.

Mugen personifies Harry’s vision to create something that is a conceptual character falling alongside his passion to release music, that is just that little bit different whilst also raising the question # #whoismugen?

Off the back of their first release ‘That Ain’t The Way It Is’, Mugen received extensive support from Record of The Day, BBC Introducing, Xune Mag, and further afield have been playlisted on New York’s WYNR, Italy’s Primantenna FM and Radio Galileo, alongside France and Switzerland’s LRDR as well as New Zealand’s Radio Active 88.6FM, and Radio 1.

They are now set to release next single ‘Going Down’ taking the listener deeper into the quirky world of Mugen, misadventures, and #whoismugen!

‘Going Down’ is out on Tuesday 20th March.

[table caption=”Mugen UK Tour” width=”100%” colwidth=”100|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
20th March,Hull,Polar Bear,(The Sesh) – FREE entry
23rd March,Leeds,Hi Fi Club,( Scruff Of The Neck )
8th April,Sheffield,Cafe Totum,
13th April,Manchester,Soup Kitchen, ( Supporting KOYO )
25th April,Sheffield,West Street Live,FREE entry
13th May,Leeds,Lending Rooms,supporting Canshaker Pi ( Netherlands)