Multi-Grammy nominated music artist, producer, and songwriter Brody Brown has collaborated with many top international music stars such as Bruno Mars, Adele, CeeLo Green, Stevie Wonder, and more. Now the 26-year-old Compton native has teamed up with multi-talented Indie singer/songwriter Danielle Prou, 15, to produce her debut, five-song studio EP titled “Heart.”

“I’ve witnessed a lot of talent, and she’s dominant,” said Brown. “She knows what she wants and with her being in the studio with me pushes me to my ability to bring things out of her. She has an amazing voice.”

Often compared to Norah Jones and Alicia Keys, Prou’s voice is soulful. Her music is a blend of alternative Indie rock and pop. “Heart” blends the two genres and features original songs including “Birdcage,” “Daydream,” “Shy,” and “My Own Thing.” Available now on iTunes, the EP also includes a cover song by Carole King called “Way Over Yonder.” The “Heart” title draws on the raw emotion of the music.

“With this EP there’s something unique because we are setting a foundation,” Brody explained. “We are not coming in with tracks, we are doing everything straight off how we feel. It’s emotional.”

Prou’s music has taken her all over the country and across international waters. She has toured the country and also performed in London and Manchester, England; Glasgow, Scotland, and more. The talented musician has also performed on several national tours alongside other emerging artists.

Born in New South Wales, Australia to an American father and a Cambodian refugee mother, she and her family now live in a suburb near Los Angeles. Prou’s mother fled Cambodia and its communist ruling party the Khmer Rouge when she was a teenager. She had been taken from her family at 11 to work in the rice fields, digging canals, where waist-deep and leech-filled water was the norm.

Currently an honors student at a high school in Santa Monica, Prou spends any spare time helping others. She is a current member of Lion’s Heart, a national non-profit community service organization for teen volunteering.

For more information, visit or follow @danielleprou1. Her music is available on iTunes and other online retailers.