MX Lonely has today released their new video for the track titled ‘Papercuts’, from their upcoming EP ‘Salt’. Born from a lucid nightmare, the music frenetically binds the wall of guitars with the subtle drone of the melody to make a score to a guttural feeling from nothing short of the openness and freedom of the sound.

Take from that what you will, the audio landscape and scope of ‘Papercuts’ blends with your thoughts and drowns you in a sonic sludge you were meant to swim in.

“Papercuts is a pretty literal song. Rae had a horrible dream that someone close to them had this papercut and it just wouldn’t stop bleeding and there was nothing they could do but kill them to take away the pain. The song structure reflects the structure of the dream. One moment you’re seeing “your body from the outside in” stabbing your friend to death and the next you’re speeding out of control down your hometown highways.”
Rae Haas

About MX Lonely

“Papercuts” follows the first single from MX LONELY’s EP, the unhurried shoegaze track, “Rest In Salt,” which was a meditation on anxiety, feeling stuck, directionless, and listless. MX LONELY’s “SPIT” EP was written and recorded in a furious month of songwriting in the fall of 2022. The band ventured into a studio for the first time ever, at Virtue & Vice in Brooklyn, under the guidance of drummer/engineer Jun Yang Ng. “SPIT” finds the band baring teeth and starting to fully open up their sound.

Where Cadonia was a cerebral journey, SPIT is a visceral antithesis, melding 90s grunge riffs with heavy shoegaze ice. Rae Haas sings lead on a majority of the tracks on this outing, another departure from the heavily Harms-led Cadonia. Having only begun playing live in early 2022, the band has refined its sound embracing elements of hardcore, shoegaze, and heavy alternative.

Featured image by Owen Lehman.