My Brothers And I have today premiered their new single, which is an acoustic version of their song ‘Anger & Grace’. A more intimate version for a closer setting, the song isn’t given a new life so much aas a different life. A reimage, in a sense. The acoustic version really shows the dynamic and soul of the song while it also showcases the vocals and lets the true talent of each band member shine in ways you may never have known had you just heard the original version. That original version, however, is a gem in it’s own right. Think bookends of genius.

Why an acoustic version?

We feel strongly about the message of Anger & Grace. Lyrically it feels like the perfect song for the current times. It’s so easy to get angry and have a loose tongue, especially in this digital age of social media and virtual debates from behind a smartphone. We feel like the best thing we can all do is live graciously.

This acoustic version took on a whole new vibe compared to the original. In the past, we have just played a song acoustically and stripped things down, but this acoustic version is almost like a remix in the sense that it’s reimagined.

With this particular song we wanted to give it new life. As the full version captured the strong emotions behind the song, this stripped down version tackles the themes from a different perspective and embodies a new tone. This Anger & Grace has a softer approach that reflects the theme of grace in the lyrics.”

This song explores an ever-relevant topic of choosing grace over anger. Whether it be serious relationship struggles with legitimate hurt and pain, or a social media spat or differing political views, it is important to be gracious with our fellow brothers and sisters.

David Wurgler

About My Brothers And I

Oregon-based brothers-turned-bandmates, My Brothers And I, exude soul and emotion through their indie pop jams. The band, which consists of Wurgler brothers Erik (bass/vocals), David (lead vocals), and Scott (drums), along with childhood friend Jordan Roach (guitar), released their debut album “Don’t Dream Alone” in 2015. The project has amassed over 15 million streams on Spotify, and has since led to premieres from Billboard and Ones to Watch. The group was also named one of KCRW’s Artists to Know, and featured in Amazon’s “The Next” new artist program.

Since their debut, the band has released their “Heartbeat” EP, two remix EPs, an acoustic EP, and released their second full length album “LOVE IS” in May of 2021. Now, with over 33 million streams on Spotify, the band is poised to release its first single as an independent artist, titled Anger & Grace.

Songs from across these projects have landed dozens of syncs in top TV programs including God Friended Me, Queen Sugar, Pretty Little Liars, and more. Their various tours and festival appearances have also resulted in a number of high profile performances supporting the likes of St. Lucia, Misterwives, Allen Stone, Family of the Year, Saint Motel and others.