Langley released their debut EP entitled Love Becomes Life in March and have had a very successful year. They are currently nominated for New Artist of the Year at the 2014 AMG Heritages Awards, which will be held in November.

Although this is only their first year as a band, they have already experienced a myriad of opportunities, grown as musicians and songwriters, and also have even experienced some changes within the band lineup. These opportunities and changes have led the band to decide to change their name. As of today, Langley will now be known as Saints and Sound.

“After much prayerful contemplation, along a heavy amount of support and helpful input, we have decided on the name Saints and Sound. We believe it is the best fit for our mission, which is to take part in the worship of a transcendent God. Our worship as co-heirs with Christ is unified by the participation with the living body of Christ, the Church. The members of Saints and Sound seek to maintain the same musical excellence as before, and we pray our new name is embraced both by our current fans as well as those who have not yet heard our music.” – Daniel Frith, lead vocalist

Love Becomes Life, the debut Langley EP, will be redistributed with the new branding later this year. Saints and Sound are currently writing for their full-length album and are scheduled to begin recording in the winter of 2014-2015 with Verb Records, a division of Merit Music Group.

“Having worked with Daniel before, I am so excited to be back in the studio working on some of his new stuff. Just over the past year, I have seen Daniel grow exponentially in his music, not just in his writing, but in his voice as well, and I am looking forward to working with his band, Saints and Sounds, later this year.” – T.K. King, Co-owner of Verb Records
All social media, web content, and digital distribution will begin the rebranding process today, and full rebranding should be completed by the end of this fall. Follow all of the updates from the band’s official Facebook page at or their official website